OK what just happened to Dreamhost?

I have been with Dreamhost for ten years. I do not have a front webpage but I have been using my space as a way to store and serve my personal data.

All of a sudden I get a notice that I am violating the webserver policy and then all my data gets stripped… 10 years and i get treated like this?


“With the exception of DreamHost Dedicated Server products, the customer agrees to make use of DreamHost Web Hosting servers primarily for the purpose of hosting a website, and associated email functions. Data uploaded must be primarily for this purpose. DreamHost Web Hosting servers are not intended as a data backup or archiving service.”

Sounds like you violated this part. I think it has been there all these years - was when I signed up, a little later than you did.

Amazon ECS is pretty cheap for storage.

Yeah, I had too much up there, fair enough. I’ll thin it out a litt- HEY. Wait, stop. STOP!! What are you WHAT TH-!! G*DD@^^1+ !



Oh you have F#(3d up now.

agrees to make use of DreamHost Web Hosting servers primarily for the
purpose of hosting a website,

Pop Quiz, Dreamhost: What do you call an internet location accessed via URL over port 80? Bonus hint: the URL contains the cryptic letters “www”. It’s like a site, on the world wide . . . No?
Nothing? Ok.

Let’s try this: Did you mean “for the purpose of hosting an ADVERTISING SUPPORTED website”? Or possibly “for the purpose of hosting a POPULAR website”? Because it doesn’t say that. You really should quit pretending that AUP actually means anything and just put “when we feel like it” right in there.

What happened to you Dreamhost? What’s the matter with you? Eight years here and now I have to $%@#! find a new place. What, you weren’t able to hire Condi Rice to join your board? Pioneering new methods of running off paying customers? Decided to be capricious @$%h0les because your director-level management sucks?

No! No, no - I would have given you that I was using too much space, yes, but the way you’re doing this - removing it to a, frankly horribly designed interface storage service that will magically charge me money soon - was one thing. Continuing to wipe out my site after I’m trying to put something back together is too. far.

Look, just get out.

I agree that we haven’t handled this as well as we should have. I’m working with our tech support and Technical Operations teams to improve this process.

@dreamhoser - can you email me so I can investigate further?

This just happened to me after being with DH for 11 years. Apparently I’m no longer allowed to use ftp so my clients and I can upload/download files relating to current projects. Justin - you guys definitely did not handle this as well as you should have. When I (and likely many others) signed up for web hosting, the way I’ve been using your service was very typical. Why have multiple secure ftp “users” if not for the ability to keep and transfer files relating to my business? You may not like that some files are sitting idle for long periods of time, but what does that matter if I’m not over my disk storage limit? The only way I can continue the way I have been working is to upgrade to a dedicated server plan from DH at 10x the price of my current plan. I wouldn’t have that much of a problem with being forced to use DreamObjects if my clients could still access files via my domain name without some 3rd party software host. Sadly, I must now look elsewhere for web hosting.

@dobster - Unfortunately, I don’t know the specifics of your particular account. I’d urge you to contact our TS team, they will be able to work with you and your data as well as give you an explanation of why the data was moved.

We’re still working to improve the process.

Unreal. AFter 12 years you email me and move my content because you have decided that its BACKUP content even though every damn file was being used as a web presentation or website for clients…
You then 2 days alter delete ALL MY content…
I SPOKE on the phone with you in 2010 and we spent an hour going over my site, and afterwards you told me "I’ll flag your account as one that is not violating our terms"
I probably still have the email thread…

Hey there! The supervisor who handles these moves is looking into your account and support history, and will reply to your open ticket to clarify. We’ll be in touch soon. Thanks!

Yeah thanks. I received an email…
The response I got was that since I was allowing any linking to my files… I violated…
I did in fact talk on the phone back then to support, before you had Chat, when you got what, 2 phone calls a month, and had to wait for YOU to call me, like waiting for the cable company, and had to pay for more calls?
Support rep today said I did not.
Gee, looking back we tolerated pretty low standards of support from you guys because we knew enough to handle most stuff ourselves…

Just kinda lousy that you wouldn’t email me or call and say we are going to shut your site down in xx hours…
You could have charged me more… Or any number of things… rather then push the easy button.

At least I could have made arrangements with some idea of timeframe. As it was I was in the middle of downloading everything.
Nothing good going on here.

I’m confused. I’ve been a DH client for about 8 years, just coming back here for another look at how I can use DreamObjects. On the web pages and wiki it boldly invites us to use DO for backup storage, and a number of recommended applications are designed for this. But people are still getting service interruptions for backups?

I’m understanding that the ICV site may have been suspected of publishing links to their content - Torrent-style. OK, I get how that’s not allowed. But if we’re storing data and not linking to it from anywhere (including for site content), is it safe to assume DH doesn’t care what the content is?


We’ve made many improvements since the service interruptions that occurred over the course of the first 12 months of DreamObjects. We’ve had some growing pains, but we’ve learned from them and are now much better at handling and maintaining the storage cluster and API gateways. I’ll let others speak to their experience with reliability.

As for storing data in DreamObjects, we don’t care what you store (so long as it’s legal in the U.S.) or from where you link to it. Backups are a great way to use DreamObjects because you’re keeping your data in an intelligent storage cluster that replicates your data three times over. Site content is another good way to use DreamObjects because all images, video, etc. stored in DreamObjects can be accessed via URL.

We left our content in DO. Not a bad deal at the price I suppose…
I’m over the treatment I got as a Violator without warning.
It was a scary few days while I regrouped, but like Starbuck says he heard, the service isn’t reliable.
I used Cyberduck as the instructions described, to move it all to a new Dedicated server where I can link to it all I want.
But downloading it was a chore due to the constant connection failures. Even today trying to grab some files. It would not display files after the first 5000 in the Interface and I could not connect for about 1 1/2 hours using Cyberduck.