OK, Now I'm getting irritated!

Ok, now all of my blogs are screwed up and can’t connect to the database. You guys really need to fix your stuff!!

This is a customer to customer forum. If you’re having a problem with your website or with mysql you should use one of the features in the panel to alert support to your problems.

There is no DH wide issues that I’m aware of right now, so chances are this is just a problem with your mysql server or possible just your database. Regardless, support will be able to help you.

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I’ve had this happen twice that I know of, where my blogs will have a mysql error at the top and pretty much everything is gone. Everything is working now…but…I wonder for how long?

Actually, status.dreamhost.com shows…

Internal Network Update
Posted 33 minutes ago (July 26th, 2006 at 1:20 pm PST) by Dallas

The root cause of the slow website access and general sluggish performance of our servers has been isolated to one of our core routers. The router is not doing its job properly and we are in communication with Cisco about it. We may end up performing emergency maintenance to restore full functionality but that’s not known at this time.

We know now this problem has been ongoing in a sporadic way for a couple of weeks but we had not identified it completely. It then became a lot more severe in the last few days and has caused the ongoing issues many of you have experienced.

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