Ok, I'm not exactly a potential customer but

I’ve just signed up so technically I am a customer. The reason I’m leaving my current hosting company is that, although their prices are very low and their features great (unlimited mysql db’s, email, ftp, etc.), I’m constantly having problems FTPing stuff up and down. Also, I’ve asked for help there a few times, and gotten no response at all or one that seems to be meant to shut me up rather then look into a problem (“oh, well, we’re moving some stuff around so you might find it a bit slow for a day or two” in regards to FTP problems I’ve had from the beginning, or “oh, well, it should be working” when my domain wouldn’t resolve for weeks).

In other words, I’m guessing from some of the posts I’ve seen on this forum, and the huge knowledgebase, that the support here is much friendlier. Though I’ve a diploma in computer programming and have been developing websites for years, I still need simple, straight-forward support from time to time, not a brush-off, ya know? Also, I’ve already FTP’d some files up and it’s been ultra-fast. I haven’t had to fight with staying connected or getting files up or down, and I’d almost forgotten that FTP can work that smoothly! I gather from some of the folks here that DreamHost is well worth the extra money.

So, current customers, is this what I can expect in the future?

[quote]I gather from some of the folks here that DreamHost is well worth the extra money.
So, current customers, is this what I can expect in the future?


Yes. I think most if not all Dreamhost customers would recommend that you join the club. It’s a little extra money, but it’s still pretty cheap (depending on plan, of course) and you certainly get your money’s worth. I’ve said it before: Dreamhost is better than all of my previous hosting providers combined. I highly recommend it.

That being said, these people are also just people. Sometimes, something does go wrong. But at least they’re open and honest about it, and try to solve it as soon as they can.

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Welcome to the club, Erica. :slight_smile:
Dreamhost’s tech support staff have always responded to my queries in a timely and professional manner - definitely no brush-offs. Their live chat support service is also good - if you are able to catch them (I am in Australia, and I usually can get hold of tech support via chat before noon on most days).

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While DreamHost is the only website hosting company I’ve used, I can compare them with one other company.

A friend of mine unfortunately signed up with a different webhost before asking me for a recommendation. He was new to all of this, so he asked me for help getting started.

The other company offered a graphical interface for FTPing files, so I thought I would give it a try. After over an hour of battling with it, I gave up and told my friend to email their support staff for help. Their response: Oh, you really shouldn’t use the control panel tool that we provide for FTPing files. It doesn’t work very well. You should use a standalone FTP app.

After wasting a little more time with their worthless control panel, I found a page that said you can get shell access if you ask Support. I had my friend send them another email. Their response: We don’t give shell access to very many people. You could do a lot of damage to the server. Denied.

While he is paying a dollar or two less per month, the value he is getting is about a tenth of what I get from DreamHost. Actually, it’s more like a hundredth, but if I said that, people would think I’m exaggerating.


I have been with Dreamhost for a while and had no problems at all. Even when I do have questions. I been recommending them to all my friends.

The only problem I’ve had FTPing was not really a DH problem (it was more of an ISP issue) but they spent a lot of time trying to help those of us having the problem to resolve it. For that, they get high marks from me. :smiley: