OK, I just got started. Have a few questions

I have a few questions about the order I set up my domain and hosting. I’m hoping for some friendly advice

I am relatively new as far as setting up hosting, domains, and everything that entails.

I got three domains from godaddy because bulk price was good. I got a great deal from Dreamhost for hosting. I figured out how to set up the name servers to point to DH in godaddy.

Got my domains 5 days ago, got my DH account last night. I set up the name servers 20 minutes ago.

A whois to brightonclassics.com reveals and a whois to mail.brightonclassics.com reveals

I was wondering is this to be expected and would it be wise to transfer my domains to DH to avoid any problems?

As far as my e-mails I setup go, I can’t login into any of them. I deduced this to the fact my domains weren’t propogated yet?

Also, any help in advice on what I could over look as a newbie would be most appreciated.

E-mail and your website are hosted on differnet machines, that would be the reasoning behind the idfferent IP addresses you found. Also, there’s no need to transfer your domains over to dremahost, as you as the DNS is pointing here you’re all good. It make any difference who you register the domains through.

For your E-mail issues, when you go to webmail.example.com do you get an page not found error, or do you get the log in screen. If you’re getting a log in screen, and having user/pass issues then it shouldn’t be a propigation issue. It may be that you’ve got the password wrong, or somethign not set up yet on DH’s end. Try it again in a few hours and see if it’s working yet.


Oooh, thank you for the response. :slight_smile:

As for my mail, I get the log in screen but when I put in the e-mail and passwords I created I keep getting “Authentication failed. Please try again.”

I’m fairly confident I’m putting in the password correctly, I’ve even changed the passwords in the accounts a few times to see if the password was an issue.


It seems that DNS has propiagated. An IP Whois shows the DH name server, and a tracert ends at dreamhost. I would contact support - it seems to be some kind of misconfiguration.


Yeah, my domains were acting really screwy. I obtained three btw. I registered .com first then added brightonclassics.net & brightonclassics.biz later and it seemed brightonclassics.com wouldn’t resolve again after that …so all day today till now it redirected me to a godaddy page (Where I got my domain) and said, this domain is parked. Very frustrating.

But seems to be resolving finally! :x

As for e-mails, they still aren’t working. Webmail for the most part. “Authentication failed”. I created 2 addresses. The second will now work through outlook but will still not work in webmail and my primary still doesn’t work in a client or webmail … i sent in a request through support. I hope it helps.


OK, this is where my trouble is really starting.

I thought redirecting my .net and .biz created a problem with my actual domain resolving.

But I really didn’t notice the problem the other night until I created a PHBB forum board on my account. After that, all my domains resolved too “Godaddy - Brightonclassics.com” is parked.

Just now, I deleted the unfinished phbb install via ftp and had the ‘The Happy DreamHost Installer Robot’ set me up again in the Goodies control panel.

I get the e-mail that I can now install and use phbb but when I click the link to install, where does it take me? To

This page is parked free, courtesy of GoDaddy.com"

Completely discouraged I cut ‘forums/install/install.php’ from the rest of ‘http://www.brightonclassics.com/’ and try my url straight up … Now all the domains go too that freaking godaddy page … again :confused:

I’m checking this through both Firefox and IE browsers and they are both showing the same thing … siiigh

Minor update:

Ok, I talked to someone more intuitive than me and he said it could possibly be that my provider Alltel dns’ cache is not updating or clearing it’s cache like it should … so now I need to find a dns server i can enter to test that theory … this is cuckoo

Not sure if you got this resolved yet, but with those urls, a page with the pretty red car on it loads for me. No “hosted by godaddy.” I don’t go through alltel.


It’s been pretty touchy since I started. I’m using another dns other than alltel now and what do you know, it worked! A couple of scary moments though in firefox where I went to different aspects of my site and godaddy came up but in IE i had no trouble with the new dns …

Thanks for checking up on my site though. A few friends had no problem viewing it either so I point a accussing finger at my provider, heheh.

My feeling is if I let this propogate a bit more my issues will resolve, hopefully.

My e-mail is still another issue though.

Scratch that. Seems the e-mail/webmail is working now :smiley:

I think support got on that. For webmail, instead of going to what appeared to be the DH login page I go straight to squirell mail now, instead.

Works in my clients as well.

Go dreamhost!