OK, I have a VPS ... Now what?

Apparently I created a VPS some time ago, now what?

From what I can gather, it’s not a VPN (shame, I need one of those), but aside from having a virtual box that I have more control over, what’s it’s advantage over regular hosting?


Its advantage is you’re less impacted by other users. On shared servers, I’d invariably run into a time when it would have load spikes topping 100 due to someone else on the server, and my sites would slow to a crawl. Support would eventually track down the culprit and things would settle down. On the flip side, you have to keep better track of your resources. On a VPS, I like being able to watch performance in realtime. I can see how my site performance impacts the server in terms of memory and CPU usage. In both cases, I’m happy to see my sites generally perform very well.


What a nice explanation.