OK for Non-DreamHost cPanel Backup?



Have an DObjects acct and want to backup a server (hosted with Rackspace) to DreamObjects.

  1. Is that within TofS?

  2. Is SSH or Rsync available? or how best to make that happen?

I see some chatter on the forum about issues, but I’m not sure what products they are talking about.


Yes! You’re welcome to store backups from any provider. DreamObjects is a generic object store system and not limited to DreamHost hosting accounts.

Since DreamObjects is an object store, it’s only accessible with tools that use either the S3 or Swift APIs.

Here are a few tools you may want to check out:

Duplicity - http://www.dreamhost.com/dreamscape/2013/02/11/backing-up-to-dreamobjects-with-duplicity/
s3cmd - http://wiki.dreamhost.com/S3cmd
boto_rsync - http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Boto
Backup MySQL with PHP - https://www.interworks.com/blogs/jkhalaj/2014/07/02/use-dreamobjects-backup-your-mysql-database-php-script