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Ok, the beginner questions are way over my head. I am a regular person with a small business and I want to make some changes to my website. So far, I have not been able to do this. Do I need to be a designer/programmer to use Dreamhost? I don’t want to waste time trying to figure it out if there is no hope. Any response would be appreciated.

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You will definitely need a programmer to help you out if you are not familiar with DNS, FTP, MySQL, these kind of stuff.


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It’s not a question about DreamHost. It’s a question of what you have and what you want to do. If your site is based on, for example, WordPress, Moveable Type, or a CMS, and you want to change some of the content, then you should probably be able to do that by yourself. Changing some colours or pictures may be done without too much knowledge or required learning. Changing how the site is structured or works will probably require some help.


Thanks, Bobocat-

I am pretty sure it’s CMS, as I used to manage it through CushyCMS. All I want to do is add a Paypal button, and add some content that I am going to sell. The content will have to be updated frequently, so I wanted to be able to manage that on my own. It’s very daunting at the start, and I am finding limited info on doing things on my own. This, however may be due to me not knowing the right questions to ask. Thanks for your response!



I don’t know anything about cushyCMS. Have you looked at their documentation?

Also, it seems like they are a hosting company (the CMS is installed on their servers). Are you sure your site files are at Dreamhost?

The whole point of a CMS for the users is that one does not have to learn PHP/programming to use it. You may need to work with an expert to set it up and customize it and help you with security, but your day-to-day use of your site would be done through the CMS administration panel.

That’s where you’d go to add something like a paypal button or new content. Do you have your log-in info?


Thanks for your response. Yes, I have my log in info, but cannot find a CMS admin panel. Where do I look for that?



Try going to the cushyCMS site and logging in there. Watch their video for some basic info.

If your site is set up properly, you should be able to edit it.

But, again, I know nothing about this particular CMS/hosting company. It’s not Dreamhost.

Is your domain registered through DH? Are you sure your site is using this CMS? Were you hoping to move your site to DH? It’s a bit confusing to know what you need.

Do you have a link?