Oh man.. I need some help(its me again)

Hey guys its been awhile so last two times i was here it was about domain issue and moving to vbulletin,

now im moving away from vBulletin cloud and moving over to their installed version.

Which requires… quit a bit of steps https://www.vbulletin.com/forum/forum/vbcloud/account-management/4086575-moving-from-vbcloud-to-the-vb5-connect-download-product

since, i am completely new to this i figured i will need as much help from both sides as i can get from this.

*Basically they said I need a VPS and since i already have my domain name registered here i should possibly get a VPS with dreamhost!

Guys ill keep in contact with you all, I’m rescheduling the transfer.

Welcome back.

How exactly can we help you at this point?

A word of advice, the directions you linked above are written for someone with a skill-set above the beginner level. I read thru, there are a few steps listed where they tell you what to do and not necessarily exactly what to type.

I looked at your community, you’ve done a nice job with it. At your current levels of activity why are you wanting to move to a VPS hosted solution? The managed cloud solution that you are currently using is a pretty good solution for small communities.