Oh man... I can't wait...!

I just found this hosting company and I absolutely can’t wait to sign up! My current place has really terrible downtime and not even half the space/bandwidth. Now I’ve just got to save up for the next few months to buy a year of service, 'cause I can’t afford the setup fee :frowning: … well, I hope you’ll see me as a customer pretty soon.
Take care everybody!

Paul Houser –
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Glad you found the place. That one year payement can take a chunk out of your wallet. Hope to see you as a customer soon.


I spoke too soon! My tax return arrived today. I guess I’m a customer sooner than I thought.


Congrats–it’s rare to see that kind of excitement. When I saw “I can’t wait!” in the subject, I thought you were getting a new Lamborghini. :wink:

Since you mentioned the setup fee expense… you know about the 97-day money back guarantee, right? If you can swing the year (or two year) pre-payment with your tax return, you have plenty of testing time, so it’s not really like you’re taking a gamble on it. Actually, I’d feel the same way even if it was only 30 days–but the extra 67 are nice to have. :slight_smile:

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You should use someone’s promo code. At least you won’t lose much if you decide DH isn’t for you. I got in under a promo code last year and definately will be renewing this year though :wink:

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Welcome. Make sure you pick the right plan and join the fun.

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