Oh, I give up

[tab]$ w
09:06:22 up 1 day, 22:46, 3 users, load average: 448.92, 321.59, 232.88

Yes, I posted a support ticket, like I have time and time again. It’s not my job to be notifying Dreamhost of their overloaded servers, but I seem to need to do so on a daily basis. Sigh.

Why not request to be moved to another server?
Sounds like yours continues to have issues, so that would be the best way to go about it :slight_smile:

The fact that you could run that command shows that it isn’t actually an overloaded server in that case, but rather an artificially inflated load due to a hung network mount. Checking the server’s administration log shows the admins working on that exact problem this morning. We have a multi person team dedicated to server monitoring at all times. We use tools such as nagios and ganglia to monitor the network and raise administrative events. If the load on your server shoots up like that, the server monitoring team is immediately notified via nagios.

Your server ‘tab’ has been reliable so I don’t see any reason to give up or even be moved between servers. If it happens again tomorrow or something then a server move would be in order while the admin team tracks down the root of the problem.