Oh How I Love

Seeing that spinning wheel in my Firefox tab as I try to load my sites.



The site in your sig is up for me. Are things better, or isn’t that a site you’re having trouble with?

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It was very sporadic that day…

Today is another wonderful day for my site…Looooooooong load times. And the text message I got this morning at 9:01 saying the “site is completely down, won’t even load…”



Update for 9/6/2006 @ 14:46…

Same crap…slow to unresponsive. This is now the norm, and not the exception it would appear.

I think I’ll just keep a running diary here, more for my benefit, but if anyone else wishes to report on their site being slow, or unresponsive, feel free.

It’s hard enough trying to grow a site…thank you DH for making even harder. You’re the best!


I just went to it and it loaded in 5.418 seconds. Not sure if it’s part of your problem or not, but w3c’s HTML validator shows over 160 problems on the page, 69 of which are actual error messages, with the rest being warning/info messages.


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It’s possible, but wouldn’t that effect the site at all times?

Also, the errors are mainly on the home page, I’m sure its mainly due to the bridge I’m using (joomla/SMF forum.) If I go direct to the forum url, I still get sporadic even though that site passes validation.


And just to add, I do have two other sites, and they ALL experience this. Even with validated HTML.


my site has also been going slow for the past while. Definitely sporadic, sometimes fast, sometimes doesn’t work at all. Same deal with webmail.


is a little sluggish right now.

Emailed support, got this response on August 30th:

"I’m sorry for the problems you’ve been experiencing. We’ve continued
to have intermittent network problems that we haven’t been able to fully
resolve yet. We had Cisco out here yesterday to help troubleshoot one of
their routers that is causing the latency and we got some really good
feedback from them. We will be making some network changes and replacing
more hardware sometime next week. At that point, we hope everything will
be back to its normal speedy self. If you have any further questions,
please let us know.


Hopefully it will be fixed in the next day or two.

I checked your site a total of 4 times, and 3 came up fairly fast. The one that didn’t, though, wasn’t all that slow… maybe 7-8 seconds? Considering the queries the site makes to the database just on the homepage, that probably isn’t bad.

Yes, I have an opinion.

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Todays issue, the site in my sig had an odd hiccup for a little bit. Error message about No SQL database exists…seems to re-exsist now though.

Another site was totally down this morning. “Index.php” not found accessing the main page, same message if I try to go in through the Administrator log in. This one lasted at least an hour…(from the time I first noticed…who knows how long beforehand.) That site isn’t too important, as its not really public. Still, very annoying. (and yes, it’s back up…)

Those that say you haven’t any problems, you are blessed. But realize that there are people who do. Everyday there’s a new thread, so we’re not imagining these issues.

Hell, I can’t even access the Status Blog to see what, if any excuse there is for today.


The problem I’m having with my site (http://www.julisana.com) isn’t that it loads slowly, it’s that FTP connections are unrelyable today and I cannot update anything on it. I’ve got two computers here at work (one is a mac that I was trying to connect via DreamWeaver, the other is a PC that I was just trying to use Putty on) and neither was having a successful time staying connected via FTP/sFTP.

Getting problems today too. Got a ‘connection error’, couldn’t connect to the DB, site is loading slow and I can’t access the DH status page. This is starting to piss me off.

I’ve been having problems with the site loading slow for quite a while now. It always takes at least 5-10 seconds to load the front page, where most every other site I visit comes up almost instantly. It’s really more of an aggravation, but I still feel that it should be resolved. Hopefully the cisco router stuff getting fixed will speed things up again.

********* Critical Announcement *********
(posted 8 hours 0 mins ago)

Status Page Down

The server that hosts http://dreamhoststatus.com crashed and is not
coming back up. Since the server is hosted offsite, it will be awhile
before dreamhoststatus.com is back up.

All other services are operating normally, if you have a problem with
anything other than the accessibility of dreamhoststatus.com, please
submit a ticket.

Are you still having problems? Your site loads instantly for me.

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Whats todays excuse? Now I get 500 Internal Service Errors when trying to access my sites, and I can log in via FTP. This has been going on at least an hour now.

I know, it’s all in my head… :frowning:

(added: can’t access MySQL either…)


Sites back up, downtime at least 3 hours.

I will add that DH support was very nice during this, so I wish to thank them publically.

But still very discouraging…


What was the problem? Anything to do with the weekend problems, or something unrelated?

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“The problems are related to our ongoing networking issues. They are causing intermittent high loads (resulting in services crashing), from dropped network connections.”


I suppose the good news there is that the problems you’ve been having should be gone after the upgrade tomorrow.

I did notice higher loads after everything came back up, but I’m on a light load server, so it was only 7 - 10, instead of the normal 1 - 2.

Right now:
19:23:53 up 1 day, 16:18, 2 users, load average: 11.90, 10.87, 10.40

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