Offsite DNS


Hey Guys,

I need to setup a windows box for hosting and I wanted to use a subdomain of a domain I have hosted here at DH. I wasn’t sure if DH would allow me to point an A record to a IP address that wasn’t owned by them. Anyone done this?



Sure! This forum has a search feature that will point you to quite a bi of discussion about that. :slight_smile:

The basic process is also described in the “subdomains” section of the DH wiki article on Dynamic DNS:

"If you have a domain like, and want to have a subdomain like, the DNS of which must be controlled by a server which is not Dreamhost’s, you can simply delegate that subdomain to a different server by creating a NS record. The NS record must use a hostname (not an IP address) of the target DNS server, and if that server is not officially registered as such, you can add an auxiliar type A record with its FQDN and IP.

This can be used as an alternative for the above dynamic DNS script - one can simply run a DNS server at home, and make use that server instead of updating dreamhost’s all the time. "



I use dyndns to have a subdomain point to the dynamic IP at my house. My router automatically updates dyndns whenever it gets assigned a new public IP.

I then have a CNAME record here at Dreamhost pointing to my subdomain.


At dyndns: -> some cableco IP addressAt Dreamhost:

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