Offsite DB Question


Does DH allow for connection to external db? My site has a ginormous DB and I want to host the that part of it offsite. Cool? Cool up to a certain point? Not cool at all?

Any help greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

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Do you mean to host the DB at DreamHost, or elsewhere? If your database is elsewhere, it’s no load on DreamHost’s end, so I doubt they’ll care. If you want to host a DB here that doesn’t support a website hosted here, my guess would be no, but you’d have to contact Support for a definitive answer.



Nah, front-end website would be hosted here, but backend db would be on another dedicated mysql box. Only thing it would use is bandwidth.

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Sounds reasonable to me. I’m not aware of DreamHost blocking outgoing ports, but you can ask Support if you want to be 100% certain it’s ok. I think they’d be happy that you’re offloading a major DB chore.



Sure you can, I host my DBs all across the world and access them from DH. But just a thought, if performance is important - why not MySQL PS? I have noticed that the biggest problem with hosting DBs somewhere else is network speed and slow pings.


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