Offline - Pushing 24 hours again


Our sites are offline again due to some RAID Hardware Failure…

Support is pushing past 15 hours from when they alerted us of a problem…

Server is VPS and currently html will load fine however mysql isn’t accessible:

#2013 - Lost connection to MySQL server at ‘reading initial communication packet’, system error: 111

it seems their IP bindings configuration is the issue and should be relatively easy to fix until their restore is complete… yet here we go… another 24+ hour outage… and has been over 15 hours since the issue was noted…

I held off submitting a ticket because they preemptively notified us of the issue yet still not resolved or working…


No harm in filing a support ticket.


Nope… Had done that before posting and waiting a couple of hours…

Here is the wonderful message and it sounds like DH hands are full but ouch being offline hurts!:

Due to issues with the RAID controller on the VPS host machine ‘xxxx-vserver191’ (which your VPS is hosted on), we are in the process of moving the server on to new hardware now. All guests on this server have been created and we’ve been in the process of restoring files for the last couple of hours. During this process, the data on the backup server will be mounted directly over NFS to allow all services to remain online for the duration of the restoration. Things may be a little slow while the restore completes, but things should remain up and running for the most part.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this incident. We will keep you updated with as much detail as we can provide via the web panel announcment. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Support under the Support > Contact Support section of your panel.
Please note, this is regarding the VPS host machine ‘xxxx-vserver191’ and no other services (email, MySQL) or servers are affected.


I love DH support because they tell you what is happening :slight_smile:


Yes unfortunately they are telling me the site should be online and working just fine - yet nothing none of the sites on the VPS that use MySQL are online.

Now pushing 48 hours ----

Another Support Request Created with no contact on the 1st…


Seems the problem is linking to the MySQL host. Are you sure the settings are correct?


Yes… all sites are down - and only after their issue… so I’m going to have to assume its was something caused by them if all sites that utilize MySQL are offline.

when their own PHPMyAdmin tool doesn’t work then I’d have to suggest that my settings are the root cause… (however - I have had times that my settings were the cause, like after the OS upgrade to Squeeze / other - My IonCube loaders had to be changed - that one caused me approx 1.5 weeks of downtime because support never got back to me - but other sites on the VPS were working that time.)

------------ 2nd response from Ticket system --------------

Your inquiry has been moved to the queue of a specific tech support team member (this is either because they are already familiar with your case or are the best equipped to assist you with this specific issue). They will respond to you as quickly as they can but depending on the complexity of the issue it may take longer than normal for them to get back to you (even in excess of 24 hours in some cases).

The DreamHost Ticket Moving Robot!

[i][b]Looks like they sorted it out!

Very slow but that is acceptable, given that they had a pretty heavy hardware failure issue…

Just hate being completely offline![/b][/i]


Glad to hear that your site is back online.

It is bad to have the site offline but at least DH backup your files.

It is not possible to acheive HA on a shared server :frowning:


I’ve had this before, and I used to get it very often until I requested a server change for my database.
Since then, haven’t had a single problem.


Our sites have been down for days. What’s going on? What have we got to do to get this fixed?