Office Outlook 2007 Issues with multiple accounts


I’m having a serious issue with Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. I just switched over to Dreamhost in the past week. I have multiple domains and multiple email addresses on each.

The issue I’m having is that I’ve set up all of the email addresses as per the directions on the Dreamhost Wiki page (, but every time I receive an email into any of my email accounts, a copy of it gets deposited into every account’s inbox. A client of mine has set up his outlook with his email address for one of my websites, and he is also receiving copies of every email sent to my email addresses, which is creating a serious privacy issue for me.

Any ideas?

Bob Mulholland
Owner: Deleriyes Designs

Skype ID-|-----deleriyes


Did you accidentally enable “email forwarding” or “catch all” when you create email addresses?

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If anything it would be auto forwarding - which would be easy to check in the panel Mail>Manage Email.

I wouldn’t have thought this was an Outlook 2007 issue, especially not with it forwarding onto your client’s email.

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