Offering Zimbra hosting

Shortly: Vote for Zimbra in the Suggestion list of your cpanel.

I’m going to be buying an iPhone, but realized that it would be a pretty crippled device coupled with my Google-based email/calendar/everything. In my searching for an alternative–a service that integrates and syncs contacts and calendar via iSync or an Outlook connector, offers IMAP email, fully functional attractive webmail (not SquirrelMail!). I realized nothing out there offers these features except Zimbra, which seems like an amazing service–a complete Exchange-killer based on open standards.

I would love to use Zimbra in conjunction with my current account (not installable), but DH said they don’t have plans to offer it unless it gets voted up on Suggestions.

So, I’m writing to see if other DH users might want Zimbra, particularly the Network Edition, and to make sure they understand it’s much more than a simple webmail program–that it could offer some incredible PIM and collaboration functionality, with IM, file-sharing, and a cool AJAX interface. If so you really should vote for it in your panel, where you’ll find a two-year old request.

Dunno about services currently, but Kerio Mail Server is THE MS Exchange alternative and offers such synch features.

It isn’t open source like Zimbra though, and I do very much like Zimbra, so I’ll be happy to add my vote to it :wink:

Chips N Cheese - Custom PHP installs and the like!

Hell yeah! I would really like to have Zimbra too. It is so much nicer than SquirrelMail (no offense Squirrel). Everyone check out the free (no registration necessary) demo at and then vote in your Panel like I just did. No, I don’t work for Zimbra - I just thought it kicked ass. If we can’t get Zimbra, let’s get a similarly featured Ajax type WebMail client.

If this is even in the realm of possibility, I’d be excited.

Voted suggestion.