Offer a VPS Step

In the last few days I converted my account from shared to VPS. What I’d say is I expected it to be more expensive, but frankly I needed nitroglycerin to stop the heart attack! The default memory setting says I’ll be charged $115/month! WOW. $8 a month to $115 that’s some jump! Now after a minor heart attack, I backed away from VPS for mysql, and found ottodv’s brilliant memory management package. Now my expectation is i’ll pay something like $17 a month, but really, this process was much scarier than necessary.

How about having a VPS step with a limit of 300mb memory and a fixed charge of $15/month, with then the option of adding more? That would at least seem more manageable.

Their must be more people who have had a panic other than me?

The offer used to be a base 300MB @ $15/month. From your description the baseline seems to be the same.

Is there an automatic Maximum RAM trial period that might lead to initial user confusion?

I think you’re right. There is a 2300mb RAM trial that costs $115/month. Maybe they should make it more clear somewhere and mention that this will more than likely not be the actual cost after the trial week?

sXi, yes the minimum memory is still $15, but the free trial is configured for $115/mo. This seems like it’s cool for having everything you every wanted except money in your wallet.

Jbenes, why not just have the trial start at 300Mb/$15 a month?

At the end of the one-week free trial, if you haven’t changed the memory manually, your VPS is automatically resized to a memory level appropriate to your usage during the trial. If your sites will fit comfortably in 300 MB, for instance, then that’s what you’ll get.

We intentionally set it high during the trial so that we can get a good reading of what your needs look like — I believe this is explained in the email you get when you start the VPS.

Andrew F,

Yup you explained it, but it didn’t assuage the panic! I was thinking of a 2X jump in pricing, when the dealt was a 15X jump it made me jump! First, I kinda knew it was open ended pricing, but I didn’t think it was 15X open ended. So while I believe in dream hosts good intentions, I also know I need to row from the rocks. I viewed the 1 week trial as ‘can I make this work’ not what the optimal memory size that will empty my wallet.

Hence, my suggestion that you offer a fixed 300MB VPS for $15/mo that will suit some people. It will get people acclimated, and they can then ease into the step wise jump from $15 to $115 a month.