Oddness in the filesystem

Is something odd going on with the filesystem?

In the past couple of days, I’ve had problems with my Gallery 2 installation complaining about insufficient file permissions, a couple of deleted files seemingly to magically reappear, while some edited files are seemingly replaced with older versions.

It’s an intermittent problem – appearing as if my gallery2 is going up and down randomly – and it smells as if an old backup copy of my files is occasionally imposing itself as the current/live set of files.

I have not seen any such strange behavior.

That said, I think your description of what you are seeing warrants a support ticket. At least they should be able to tell you what is going on; the best we can do is speculate. :wink:


My Gallery2 installation is down right now with a DB error, but my blog is up and it uses the same DB ( I think). Entering support ticket.