Odd problem with FTP

I am using Cute FTP to upload files for a client. I have never had a problem with this. However, the other night I tried to log in as usual, and it said “Pass” (successful) but then a small dialog box appeared once again asking for the user name, then after that another dialog box popped up and asked for the password. Well I would enter each and press Enter, and it would just keep bringing up the same diaolog boxes over and over, never saying the pasword was rejected. For all of my other sites, I can log in and connect just fine. What is going on here? I am just going in circles now, unable to get anywhere, and Dreamhost has been no help, only telling me THEY can log on. Great help that is. Cute FTP says to ask the host but I am not getting anywhere.

The only thing that comes to mind is to check the username and password you are using to login with.

As far as FTP is concerned, whether the username and/or password is incorrect, the FTP server returns the same error code being “530 Login incorrect”

Does Cute FTP have a status window that shows the codes sent and returned from the FTP server during connection?

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Are you able to log in via WebFTP in DH panel?

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