Odd disk usage limits in the Web Panel

In the disk usage tab of the web panel, I have conflicting information – one says I have a 500MB limit, another says I have a 1000MB limit. Which is it?

I’m on the Crazy Domain plan which is advertized with a 500MB limit, and the Services tab in the panel also states 500MB – but there was a promo round about November 2003 where existing users were upgraded to 1000MB instead. When I check the pages now, everything says 500MB-and-it-used-to-be-200MB but I am certain that I signed up for 500MB and that it was recently upgraded to 1000MB. Where did this disappear again? What if I’d had more than 500MB online, would I suddenly be billed for the excess volume that wasn’t excess when it was uploaded?

Anyway, I’m still wondering why the Disk Usage panel lists my site with a hard limit of 1000MB by user and by mailbox, but at the same time lists “500MB provided” in the “by main plans” section.

What’s going on here? I refuse to believe that DH is extending our plans with much ado and then silently take it back again. There must be another explanation.


I think in the disk usage part of the panel there is a “hard limit” (or somesuch) which is set at double the plan’s “real” limit. I’ve always found that kinda curious myself. To me it implies no alarm bells go off until you overstuff x2 =D Surely not.


The alarm bells go off in the sense that we track usage, and then warn you / charge you when you go over your actual quota. The “hard” quota is set to (I believe) roughly double that, and actually prevents you from creating new files after you exceed it.

This isn’t so much because we want to make money, as because it’s a huge support hassle when users go over their “hard” quota, because it causes all sorts of problems once a user really can’t create any more files.