What I want to do is setup a mysql database on dreamhost and interface it with Microsoft Access as a front end. I need to use ODBC – an Open Database Connection standard to do this, and it needs a ODBC driver on the windows side to make it work.
When we make this connection, it will allow us to use Access on a remote windows workstation to work with our data contained in the mysql database. This should let the user run access just as if the data were contained in a database on his own machine, and he won’t need a browser to make the connection.
Is this possible on a Dreamhost server. I have looked in this forum and found one artical on ODBC and under the current configurations I have I do not see the option to add ODBC to the my sql user on my current database.

Ok I am going to install an ODBC driver to my Windows 2000 client here and just see if it will work. Either way I will post the results so everyone can learn from this.