ODBC Drivers

I was just wondering which ODBC driver version Dreamhost is running, or if I can install 5.1 on it.

I might be wrong, but I am pretty sure that dreamhost isn’t using ODBC. I think the MySQL native drivers are different than that. What are you trying to connect to?

Hey folks. I know this is an old thread but it actually fits my need.
I just installed COBOLScript on my site and it works great. Now I need to connect to MySQL DB and it requires unixODBC. So I am getting bogged down on how to install it on my site.
Any help, suggestions, recommendations?
I am fairly competent but no guru.

Thanks for any input.

Unless you have a very specific reason to need COBOL (!), I would recommend strongly against using COBOLScript. Other languages, such as PHP, Python, and Ruby, are much better supported on DreamHost, and are far better suited to developing a web application.

Hi Andrew. Thanks for the reply. Yes I do have a need to use COBOLScript as well as OpenCOBOL. While Ruby,Python, and PHP are strongly supported by DH, I am NOT strong in those languages. Also, with COBOLScript and OpenCOBOL I can use compiled code which keeps my code hard to change by hackers. Also, it is FAST, not to mention COBOL has been around for 50 years and will be around another 50. Anyway,
all my research is showing I need to get a VPS and will be doing so.
Again thanks, and please remember COBOL was doing a lot of what all these other languages attempt to do long before they were born.