OCI8 PHP Extension on Dedicated Server



Hello Dreamers of Hosts!

Okay, I’m currently trying to get this OCI8 extension working for php so that my dedicated server can pull data out of an Oracle Database. I’ve managed to get this working quite well on a local server here on grounds, but I need to duplicate this function on the DH server.

Has anyone attempted to do this or gotten it to work? I’m just trying to be cautious before I attempt to install this on DH Dedicated, mainly because something don’t work as they should, including permissions and PECL/PEAR managers. Pear seems to work just fine, but trying to get PECL installed isn’t working very well. PECL is needed for the easiest way to install the OCI8 extension after the Oracle Instant Client has been installed. Oracle instant client requires alien which converts an RPM package to .deb so that it can be installed, instead of again, having to install it manually, which can get extremely annoying.

PECL itself is already stopping me from going any further with the process, I’m just wondering if anyone else has any luck with installing the OCI8 extension to pull data out of Oracle via PHP.

I was actually quite surprised that no one has been able to get this to work, or had tried this on a DH server.

Thanks in advanced for anything and everything that helps.