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I have a client that has email setup with NetSol. I will be transferring the DNS but don’t want to interrupt the email or move it. NS says I can do that using the numeric IP address of the new site I am hosting at DH. How do I get the numeric IP for a domain that is in the setup process? The domain name is already registered with NetSol, the email is setup there and paid for for a year. I have also setup the domain at DH but have not yet transferred the DNS.


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You’d have to add a unique IP to the domain. This is $4.95/mo. This won’t guarantee that it won’t change, but it’s unlikely to change, and if it does, we’d notify you.

What would probably be better would be to find out where the MX needs to point to, set that up in the panel, and then transfer DNS over to us.

Thanks — does this look right? I have had problems before with these types of setups:
a= (these two are aliases)

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Well it exists anyway. Looks right to me



The A record for what? That’s the IP that resolves to.

[quote] (these two are aliases)


Aliases to what?

Note that if you are planning to create an A record to this host for “”, you’d need to disable the mail service, and have support enter all of these (including the MX) as custom records.