Numbers on PS

I’m already a customer, but I was wondering if there are those out there that might share their stats and what their ram/cpu is set to on the private servers. I know everyone’s setup is different in terms of files etc, but I’m trying to get an idea on how many hits the site can handle, on both the website ps and mysql ps.

I tried to run joomla on a basic ps, minimum settings, it just wasn’t enough, great for a static site only. I think the best option is to use a vps from somewhere like tektonic, but you have to dabble in managing your own server. Doable if you don’t have the knowledge, but you have to google alot to find the answers. Webmin is a good server manager and the website has good support.

Good luck

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Ok, that helps a tiny bit. If I have two PS servers one regular and one PS for mysql and up the ram a bit… that should be able to handle a decent number of hits correct? lets say 188mb on each server.

I remember that my ram was more 200-250mb.

But you know went I cancelled ps and went back to normal dreamhost everything was ok again

Toiletrage… a place for friends to bitch