Null Server - Can't Send E-mail

I keep getting an error when trying to send e-mail:

Cannot Send Message Using Server (Null)

Use the pop-up menu below to try a different outgoing mail server. All messages will use this server until you quit Mail or change your network settings.

Message from: vjandrews

I’ve been having trouble sending e-mail for the past several days. Have also received other error messages as well.

– vja4Him

What are you using to send this mail? Is it the SquirrelMail interface at webmail? It kind of sounds like Apple’s Mail app. Make sure that account is set to use the SMTP server on the default port 25.


I received an e-mail message from DreamHost telling me that they had been working on upgrading, so that is why I was having problems with my e-mail.

Everythign is back to normal now!

– vja4Him