NS record for a Sub Domain?


Is it possible to set a NS record for a sub domain?

I registered my domain with namecheap.com and is fully hosted by Dreamhost. I created a subdomain on DH webpanel.

Now I want to use a 3rd party autoresponder/ezine system with this sub domain. This company told me that I need to set NS record points to them (ns1.y-ml.com. & ns2.y-ml.com.) or edit DNS in order for the system to work. They do not recommend setting IP directly for A record or MX record.

I’m new to this and I don’t even know if it’s possible. Can anyone help me?


It’s an unusual configuration, but entirely possible. You can create an NS record using the DNS section of the DreamHost Panel: go to the Manage Domains section, then click the “DNS” link under the domain that you need to create these records for. For each nameserver, go to the “Add a custom DNS record” section of the page, set the “name” to the name of the subdomain that you want to configure the NS record for, the “type” to NS, and the “value” to the nameserver.

Thank you so much for the reply!

I tried it, but I got this message: NS records are ONLY for sub-domains!
You PROBABLY want the whois nameservers form above!

What does this mean?

You didn’t enter anything in the “name” field. Enter the name of the subdomain (e.g, “sub” for “sub.example.com”) in that field and try again.

WHOA. It worked!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
You’re awesome!!

Hi I need to know some additional info here…
Is not possible to point to the main domain? like others hostings?

Your question doesn’t make sense.

If you’re asking if the domain itself can have nameservers set like other hosts, then yes.