Novice restarting an existing site

Hi, hope someone can help me with this. I have replaced someone else in our small organization who has now left. They had set up a few websites on Dreamhost, and I think it was done using Wordpress. I have never done any of this stuff before, I know the sites are there, I can log into our webpanel in Dreamhost, I can see databases there, but I haven’t a clue how to access the sites and edit them.

I don’t want to start new sites, I want to reestablish the connection that we had with the existing sites. I’ve looked around the wiki and the forum but all the talk of sql and stuff is just confusing me. Thanks for any help anyone can give in getting me off the ground.

If the site is up and running, you need to log into the WordPress admin section:

You can find out more by going to the DreamHost panel and check Goodies -> One Click Installs and poke around there to see which Easy and Advanced installations you have (if any). Hopefully, your WordPress will show up there, which means that upgrades are straightforward.


Thanks for that. There is a wordpress database listed there but when I try to log in at that address I get invalid password. I emailed for a new password and that still doesn’t work. Any hints? Thanks

I’m having virtually the same problem, altho it’s a site I set up six months ago and haven’t revisited since.

It’s WordPress, tho, isn’t it? Not a DreamHost issue? I’m waiting for some suggestions on the WordPress forums. Their Wiki suggests deleting wp-login.php and uploading a clean one. How can that be done if one has used the one-click install?

If it’s a WP glitch of some description and it was installed via One-Click you might be able to use the Update/Remove feature in the One-Click menu to update WP, which should in effect overwrite all files with the latest version of the software.

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Thanks, you grizzled vet. :wink:

I reinstalled the whole shebang, and still had the same problem: Asked to reset my password, received an email message as promised, but when I followed the link in the email I get “Sorry, that key does not appear to be valid.”

If, however, I deleted all files and -then- reinstalled, it worked.

Unfortunately, that’s not a practical solution for people who don’t want to delete their entire website.

I do think this is a WP problem, as there are many queries on their support forums…