Novice needs guidance installing Python

I’ve been a hobbyist programmer for 37 years (yikes!), and am now learning Python. My longtime hosting company was a barebone PHP site only, so I joined DreamHost this morning.

I know little to nothing of Linux. I have my site returning a test html and test php page. I’ve figured out how to SSH & FTP into my account.

What’s the easiest way to install Python 2.7 on my account?

I’ve seen the instructions here but the script it links to was written in 2012. The last comment at github has a method, but I know so little Linux I don’t know if that is complete instructions, or a shorthand for which each step will require learning another process.

Has anyone recently installed Python on a Shared Host and can guide me through it?

Thanks for all help.

Update : Thanks to the Python portion of this script, I was able to install Python.

Now trying to get it working with a web page. More investigation first, but I may have to ask a question in future. It is a file or user permissions thing. I’m new to Linux.