Nova - ERROR (DiscoveryFailure): Could not determine a suitable URL for the plugin


I’m attempting to use the nova API to resize an instance as described here:

I sourced the * file, however, when I run the command ‘nova flavor-list’, I receive the following error:

ERROR (DiscoveryFailure): Could not determine a suitable URL for the plugin

I was able to track down this issue that someone submitted elsewhere, but I’m not quite clear on how to translate the solution to Dreamhost’s setup.

I’d be gratefule for any help interpreting this error.


I found out the answer via DH customer support. For some reason the that I downloaded was significantly different from the one that should have been provided. More specifically, it did not unset the OS_USER_DOMAIN_NAME but instead contained the following instructions:

if [ -z “$OS_USER_DOMAIN_NAME” ]; then unset OS_USER_DOMAIN_NAME; fi

I re-downloaded the file and now all is well.

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Thanks for sharing the solution. Another suggestion: don’t use nova, but learn to use openstack client instead.

Yes, agreed, in fact that’s what I ended up using in the intervening time. The reason why I was using nova was because that’s what the Dreamhost documentation (see link in original post) used.

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