Notification of a procwatch assassination?

I have been having some issues with my rails site going down lately, and I suspected it was by a procwatch process. This was confirmed by technical support, due to using too much RAM. I don’t see any reason why my site would be using too much memory, but I’m also not so arrogant to say that it couldn’t be my scripts. There is a possibility I messed up somewhere. I will be troubleshooting my site, and analyzing everything, but at the same time, I can’t afford for my website to be down without my knowledge. It is simple enough for me to restart passenger, I just have to know to do it.

Basically, I am looking for some method, any method, for letting me know that procwatch killed my process. Even if it’s as mundane as a cron script. Preferably something that will let me know via email that my site is down and needs to be restarted. The way I see it, this will be important even after I get the (alleged) memory issue fix.