Nothing working - all my urls lead to Google 404

I signed up for Dreamhost hosting and a new domain name. I did the one-click install of Wordpress and it was running fine. However, I was customizing a theme and one of the options said to change my my root / /wp-content /themes /thesis_151 /custom-sample folder to root / /wp-content /themes /thesis_151 /custom. This completely threw off my site. My and every other page now just went to a Google 404 error page. I tried everyway of accessing my Wordpress to change it, even changed the foldername back to custom-sample and that did not work.

Eventually just deleted all of Wordpress and tried One-Click install again to start from scratch, and I get e-mails that it successfully installs. However when I get the directions in the email to my wp-admin it just takes me to a Google 404 error page. I tried starting from scratching and manually installing WP to no avail. I did not change my nameservers and my site is fully hosted on Dreamhost. All I want is my site back from how it was when I first got it.

My ftp directory has only, logs, and Maildir, folders.

It’s working for me. Did you fix it?