Not the solution


Here’s our promo :

Tired of slow neuron interconnections?
Had enough of single-tier processing?

Then salvation is here! welcome to the new world!
We nerds rule the universe! We make worlds for non-nerds.
Multi-tier thinking at subspace speeds within your grasp!

ROFL really, c’mon dude, don’t diss us nerds, you wouldn’t be able to do the things you do today if it weren’t for the majority of us.
You never hear or see us, thats because we’re having 2 much fun coding or hacking stuff arround, where would you be today without the fruits of us nerds? Think about it!
Besides, we’re assimilating all systems, you name it, cars, washers… anything from a molecule to a skyscraper, you will find us nerds :smiley: (and yes, resistance is futile:)
But you’ll have to call me Mr. Nerd because you have been very rude to my people!


foo you and foo Dreamhost.
Take Care


Heh, point proven… it takes a ‘man’ to insult :wink:
I won’t lower myself to that ahem level…


(quoted)I don’t know if this would help at all, but if you contact support about this (or give Jeff or myself a pointer to an existing support ticket), I’m sure we’d be happy to make sure it gets looked at in a timely manner and that we get this mistake taken care of.

Here’s my ticket number, site has been down for three days.
#833620 #833554 Please fix this. 2 hours 11 mins Remove

#833554 RE: 4 hours 49 mins Remove

3 days.


At the moment is working, just no content apparently.

:cool: Perl / MySQL / HTML+CSS


Yes, the domain is working now, but they’ve got it pointing somewhere I’m not familiar with. I’ve been publishing to the same directory for two years, and that ain’t it.