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I should have been leery when I first signed up with a company that doesn’t offer phone support, or just offers a limited amount each month. But up until recently Dreamhost had preformed very well. But they are not prepared for basic attacks that other hosting companies handle with ease and do not respond to tech support until days after an issue is resolved.

They have even removed from the support page that they will get back to you within 24 hours because they know they can’t handle all of the complaint tickets that are waiting for resolution. Dreamhost is not ready to handle the surge of customers they are getting and their service has suffered immensely.

Today I had it with them and threatened to leave them and dispute any charges that were made to my card if they didn’t resolve the same issues that plagued another one of my sites. I also told them that “I was so mad that I would knock their f’@#in a@#es out!!! If I
ever came face to face with any of them!! I never get that angry anymore but when a company promises one service and provides a worse one consistently that can be frustrating.

Needless to say the fix was done and I had assumed they read that ticket. Even though I said what I said, I felt justified because the downtime they were causing me and my sites was daily. Instead of them contacting me via the phone they decided to terminate the wrong account and delete all of my work. Instead of being a professional company they felt the need to retaliate for my comments by deleting files that were not part of that account. Dreamhost is not even listed with the top 20 hosting companies and as longs as they continue to hide behind a computer they never will be.

If you are looking for a solid hosting company Dreamhost is not it. When you get a reply from a Dreamhost admin that says “oh our database had a brain fart” and stay with them then you cannot totally blame them when your site is down and the service is poor. I have spoken to many other webmasters and they all feel the same way and are leaving them for a better more adequate company. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that any positive replies on this forum have been made by employees to help hide the fact that Dreamhost doesn’t have a clue about what is going on.

Dreamhost = very poor customer support, lots of slowness and downtimes and 5th grade education level. What comes around goes around and Dreamhost won’t be around much longer. I plan to file charges against them for deleting personal and business work on the wrong account and file a complaint with the BBB and any other organization that handles this type of claim.

Usual disclaimers apply… speaking for myself, etc. etc.

And that would be constructive / helpful how? All of the people working here are real people, and we certainly make mistakes at times. I don’t think anyone here has done anything to you that warrants that sort of abuse (verbal or physical), and I certainly hope you don’t follow through on this promise if you run into any of us in person.

While that wasn’t a very nice thing to say, I have to say I find it pretty unlikely that this was retaliatory… I really imagine this was an honest mistake. I don’t know if this would help at all, but if you contact support about this (or give Jeff or myself a pointer to an existing support ticket), I’m sure we’d be happy to make sure it gets looked at in a timely manner and that we get this mistake taken care of.

We (employees) generally try to stay out of threads of this sort, other than to clarify stuff when necessary. Do people from the company post here - absolutely. But none of us post anonymously or under fake accounts. We have a number of loyal customers, many of whom have been with us for years; we don’t need “sock puppets” to defend ourselves.

As a small, growing company, we definitely have experienced our share of growing pains. I think we have shown a willingness to learn from our mistakes and to listen to our customers, and I think that’s one thing that distinguishes us from a lot of other hosting companies.

Since you acted in kind by deleting all of my files on a separate account, instead of being professional. Plus ruined several EBAY auctions as a result (files were hosted on these servers). I will deal with the person who did this in person when I visit California next month.

Don’t lie you deleted 2 separate accounts becuase of words. I never said terminate those accounts. I said I would be terminating another account if you continue to not respond and wreck havoc with my sites. Customers have to threaten to leave to get service around here.

What distinguishes you from other companies is your abililty to hide behind a console and not deal with a problem until after it has corrected itself. Other hosting companies actually provide customer service.

You have now lost all credibility with your threats and accusations. There have been problems with DreamHost, especially over the last month. Mistakes have been made, serious outages have occurred. But throughout all this, DreamHost staff has been forthright about the recent problems. They have offered to investigate your trouble ticket. But instead of acting like a grown-up, you continue to rant and bluster behind your keyboard.

DreamHost has been acting honorably. You, on the other hand, are now just being silly.

Please…the only way to get anything done with Dreamhost is to threaten to leave you. YOU DO NOT RESPOND WHEN ASKED NICELY TO FIX THINGS.
Why is it that you do not have phone support when so many other companies do? Do not have your parents permission to call long distance maybe?

You are the ones who have not acted honorably; you are deceptive, rude and think you know it all, when you obviously do not. NO PHONE SUPPORT = days of waiting for a response. After this happens (more than not) anger is the only option.

All you do is make excuses about site problems; you shouldn’t be commended for this.
I have hosted sites with other companies and when I signed up here I made it clear that I didn’t want the lies and BS that most of them offer. You were different alright…you just charged less. I’m quite sure there are still a few other hosting companies out there that will offer competitive programs, better support and experienced staff that knows what they are doing. What I said in that support ticket should be the least of your worries right now……trust me on that. By the way, you have proved that you are not on top of things as you claim. I sent that “negative” ticket to Dreamhost over 12 hours before anything was deleted and yet you fixed my issue 30 minutes after the ticket was submitted. If you would have read the ticket when it was submitted you would have taken the action sooner instead of again allowing the problems to fix themselves and respond after the fact. You didn’t evenbother to see the ticket until 12 hours after I posted it. That is the worst tech support I have seen.

[quote]Please…the only way to get anything done with Dreamhost is to threaten to leave you.
(waves arms)

Hey, I’m over here. I’m in Oakland, just a DreamHost customer, so why are you responding to my post in the second person as if I were DreamHost? Oh that’s right, in your first post in this thread, you accuse those making positive comments here about DreamHost of being DreamHost employees. That’s ridiculous on the face of it.

There are valid concerns about DreamHost, and I share them. But what you ascribe to malicious intent or laziness I ascribe to haplessness. DreamHost seems to enjoy a reservoir of goodwill among long-term customers, judging from some of the responses in this forum. They must have done something right to have earned this. That allays my concerns somewhat. Yes, the response times for trouble tickets should be much lower, but the lack of telephone support (except for limited callbacks on the higher-priced plans) was part of the deal going in, and clearly spelled out on the DreamHost web site. It’s unfair to blame them for not having what they never offered in the first place.

And I must point out that you have threatened to do more than leave DreamHost. You have written the following:

[quote]I also told them that “I was so mad that I would knock their f’@#in a@#es out!!! If I ever came face to face with any of them!!

[quote]I will deal with the person who did this in person when I visit California next month.
When you make what sound like physical threats against DreamHost personnel, then I stop sympathizing with your gripes (which by the way, you fail to present in enough detail for forum readers to assess). You don’t need a better webhost, you need anger management sessions.

You’re swinging from the heels, and you’re whiffing badly.

It doesn’t sound like you’ve been asking nicely. You’re threatening in this forum and you say this is nothing compared to what you wrote to support. Now you’re patronizing them too. Is that honorable?

You say other providers gave you lies and BS and you chose DH because you didn’t want that. It may be that DH has some issues (and even a DDOS attack to top it off) but they’re being completely open about it. Is that not honorable?

It was your free choice to sign up with DH. They must have been doing well for a good time since you didn’t get mad earlier. So they must have met your requirements. If you feel DH doesn’t meet your requirements anymore, you’re equally free to choose a different provider. I think DH would even pay you back the unused months you’ve paid ahead but I’m not sure.

I see you’re mad and it’s perfectly allowed to vent it in this forum, but if you really want an audience then I suggest that you keep it to a single thread so as not to crosspost (which most forums reasonably don’t allow). Present your critiques in a precise manner and moderated tone so that others may consider your comments.


I will deal with the person who did this in person when I visit

California next month.

For the benefit of the forum, the person in question would be yours truly. I have reason to believe the above is a threat directed at me personally, and will be reporting him to both his ISP and his local authorities.

Whatever the reason, it is absolutely unacceptable to use the threat of violence against DreamHost personnel or - as in this case - the whole company. If I catch someone doing that, I won’t even bother being diplomatic and give the person another chance (as we normally do if someone is rude or uses vulgarity directed at our staff). I will disable the account immediately.

This isn’t to say that this individual didn’t have valid concerns - it’s possible he very well could have. If he had brought them to us without using the words he so kindly quoted for public display, we would have been happy to address them in a civil manner.

In any case, despite the threats I disabled all accounts under his Web ID and provided a refund for the most recent payment made for each account. I have been in contact with the actual owner of several sites he hosted, and have put them back up temporarily so that he isn’t too heavily impacted by his less-than-fortunate choice of a webmaster.

Guys like this make me feel incredibly lucky to associate with the 99.99% other customers whose sites we host…

  • Jeff @ DreamHost
  • DH Discussion Forum Admin

[quote]I think DH would even pay you back the unused months you’ve
paid ahead but I’m not sure.


Actually, he also threatened disputing charges for April in his original email if we didn’t meet his ultimatum.

While after his threats I think we could pretty easily explain to the card processor that we had a legitimate reason to can the account, I went ahead and refunded his most recent payments for each account (worth $70-80, if I recall) as disputing chargebacks can be a big time-sink.

In essence, he not only doesn’t owe us, in exchange for threatening us with bodily harm he actually got some free web hosting. What a deal! :>

  • Jeff @ DreamHost
  • DH Discussion Forum Admin

That’s the next big DreamHost promotion, folks:


class act, as always.

I’d have paid him to go away too :wink:


Warning - Jeff is big into karate, so this is a potentially risky proposition.

This is too much. I didn’t threaten any bodily harm. When you have to deal with a company that is getting worse by the minute and clients are growing concerned about downtimes you end up getting frustrated. As I said to you and your staff, “I am so mad right that now that I would knock your F’n a$#es out if I were face to face with you.” I wanted to make a point to let you know how pissed I was and I think I did. I was at the end of my rope and could not take it anymore. I will not allow anyone to mess around with my business or money that does not make themselves availabe to discuss it.

Now,I did threaten to leave if you couldn’t resolve the same problem you have been having day after day after day after day…and so on. Your issues were getting out of hand and your excuses were even worse. But it’s over now. I no longer have to worry about when you and your staff will take care of issues that are causing downtimes. I no longer have to wait 2-6 hours to set up databases or e-mail addresses. I no longer have to read that my site is up forever when it is clearly down.

Jeff you could have a great company with Dreamhost, but you need to make yourself and your staff accountable for issue via phone and not hide behind a computer.

Just a heads up, that “Dreamhost Status” feature is something other sites have been doing for years. Keep trying though, eventually you will catch up with today’s standards, too bad when that happens those features will be obsolete as well.

I think the implication here is pretty clear.

Just in case there’s any confusion, it’s not “his staff” (or my staff).

Well, having read up on everything, and for as much as words can convey emotional response, what did you expect to happen when acting the way you did and still do?
Looking down on everyone and everything makes everyone else think that you perceive yourself as being superior while you can’t even control your anger and need to display it publicly for “everyone to see” so they know about my situation and they’re warned etc etc…
That doesn’t mean there weren’t any issues, DH has undeniable admitted they have failed in certain areas, but you could have placed it differently.
Judging from the conclusions you make each and every time, you might know something about websites, but nothing about the layers beneath that “client” interface, which is (put mildly) a whole network of disciplines to master, so kindly step of that high riding horse mister, it proves quite the opposite of what you claim to be.
Anyone claiming that a DDOS is “basic” has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about, do you have the numbers of how many hosts were attacking DH? Or any other statistics? I guess not, because thats the essence of the “distributed” part, and it has … ooo lets see… only the entire security advisory working on ways of identifying/detecting and preemptively acting on it before it contaminates large chunks of the net as it did in Januari 2003.
Its pretty strange how big players with the budget of a 1000 times DH fell prey to a “basic” attack as you say, thats just nonsense talk.
Sure, they can stay on top of it now, have any clue how? They have the budget to go international and distribute the load on continental scale, better connectivity and enhanced uptime, but thats a pretty normal outcome for such an investment, and even then, no such thing as a guarantee in life, so why would it be the case with anything else?
Murphy isn’t exactly far away, even with such drastic measures.
So please, before ranting and trying to “explain” things in a downright disrespective way, you’ll only attract the same kind of respons, we’re all here to learn from each other and try to make things go the right way for all, a little bit of possitive energy would have gone miles, guess you’re in that dark place, well, you’re only doing that to yourself.

[quote]I think the implication here is pretty clear.


Yeah, seemed pretty clear to me too. Could be wrong, though - perhaps “F’n a$#es” meant “fears and anxieties” and by “deal with the guy” he was offering to buy me lunch - in person, no less. :>

[quote]Just in case there’s any confusion, it’s not “his staff” (or my staff).


Yes, this much must be made clear: My plot to take over the company and overthrow the Honchos in a dramatic power grab is still in its earliest stages.

  • Jeff @ DreamHost
  • DH Discussion Forum Admin

…>> My plot to take over the company and overthrow the Honchos in a dramatic power grab is still in its earliest stages. <<

thank goodness, [we] that now work for [you] are not ready yet. We need to first make sure all the negative lunch buyers are at Micky Dees, then you can make your move…the code will be “munch munch.”

Actually, I first thought hflash was a woman…you know hot flash. Don’t get me wrong. I am a woman…but sounded too cat scratch to be a man. When I saw someone refer to hflash as ‘him’ in another post I almost fell off my chair.

As a host provider to my other clients. I know what is going on, with mine and my clients sites, check them regularly, and always contact my clients when things go bad. I don’t blame the host provider, as my clients did not blame me. I let them know I did not know what was happening, provided them with new emails I had already set up on another server, [not at the same addy, but i had already set them up on their outlook] and let them know to send out a bulk email to their clients about the down time. This is not the first (nor do I think the last) time an outage will occur. Not just this server, but others I am on. And, as a secondary provider (as I am in this case) my clients never even went and emailed their clients. They just understood, never yelled and went about their business. They did not lose emails, did not lose customers…

I am sure some lost some clients in the recent DH outagbe. But, we all risk that in the internet world. But attacking a company, just to vent is one thing…but to add vengence and personal aim is idiocy.

I just will never understand why some folks don’t take everything personally, and why others realize there are other forces out there, and nothing can be perfect.


lets take out the ‘don’t’ in "I just will never understand why some folks >> remove >don’t<<< take everything personally, and why others realize there are other forces out there, and nothing can be perfect.

That is becuase I am a man and you are a net nerd. Net nerds forget that when real people get ****** over, by being lied to constantly, they will eventually want to ****** up the people that made them this mad.
Now, I am no longer angry I have what I want. All of my files and a new hosting company that makes yours look like welfare. Yet, I will gladly extend my “OFFER” of this ass whoopin when I go back to Cali this summer. This is not a threat, but an offer. If you choose to accept let me know. Take care ******.


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