Not sure where this goes

but I have to say, I could kiss dreamhost now, if it was a person.

I was working on something over sftp. And my connection freaked and I lost one of my file’s contents. I almost cried but then… hourly backups! YES!

Thank you so much. You guys rock.

That is all,

It sure is nice to have those multiple backups when you need them. There is nothing like badly mangling something in the shell, just once, in the wee hours of the morning, to make one grateful for those .snapshot directories!


Yay! I love the .snapshot directory as well! :smiley:

another reason to why I am staying with Dreamhost

Those .snapshot directories are great, saved my behind on more than one occasion. :slight_smile:

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I must admit, they haved saved me a few times too.

Usually when I stupidly delete a file that I assumed I had backed-up locally, only to find that I didn’t.


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Yeah, the snapshots are great! They saved me the other day when I messed something up badly in the shell. I just copied the hourly snapshot directory to the live one, and was up and running in a few minutes. :slight_smile: