Not sure how to do this

I’m very new at webpages, other than the drag and drop kind. I have a domain that currently has a Wordpress Blog. I want to keep the blog, but what I want to be able to build web pages showing and offering various types of graphics that I’ve designed. How do I “set” my site so that when they go to they get a menu rather than the blog, and then set it so there are other “pages” on the site where I can have my blog and build webpages? So sorry if this is too much to ask at once. Thank you for your time!

One option would be to create some entirely new sub-domains of for your other projects and simply link to them from your WordPress menu.

It might not be what you had in mind, but it is worth considering.


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That’s not too bad of an idea. I got to “playing around” and totally messed it up, so I’m trying to undo and redo things. Guess I should just leave things be sometimes :wink: But thanks for the idea!

If you are thinking primarily of including graphics that you have created, you could use the one-click installation of Gallery in a subdomain such as Gallery will work with any images, regardless of their source.

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