Not So Simple Installation

I’m trying to install Simple Machines Forum to a domain on my account. I’m having some difficulties.

[quote]The installer was unable to access the “databasename” database. With some hosts, you have to create the database in your administration panel before SMF can use it. Some also add prefixes - like your username - to your database names.

Click here to try this step again. [/quote]
The problem is, I already created a database in the admin panel. I’m not sure what to do next. I can’t seem to find any solid information on resolving this problem anywhere.

Has anyone else had this problem? Should I try to manually put the data into the database and manually do the install rather than letting an installer do it? How would I go about doing that?

While I don’t use SMF, I’ll try and help as best I can. What information are you feeding the SMF installer? Specificly, I’m looking for database, and database server (localhost is a bad idea). If you feel uncomfortable disclosing some or all of the information in question on the forums, you can feel free to PM me. I originally suggested email, but the boards won’t let me link my email the way I want to and I’m very anti-spammer.
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