Not showing graphics


I’m new to DH but have my site running for 1 year from another host, some basic experience I hope :wink: In the last few days, I was trying to move my site here but got a problem in showing graphics. First I thought it was the (blog) software problem, but when I tried even with WordPress, no graphic is shown (external graphic link is OK).

You can check them here (this uses ExpressionEngine) (this uses WordPress)

Since I’ve got no answer from support so far, I would like to call for help here, in the forum. Thanks.

I just checked and your images folder in the folder blog has no images in it. also, your has nothing in it, which the graphic (icon_wink.gif) called for is in a folder in wp-images, called ‘smilies.’

Actually the images are stored elsewhere, you can check them here.

Btw, I install version 1.5 of WP. I know this is unstable version but it has nothing related to this graphics problem. Another way is that you can always right click somewhere in that index page, choose “show background image”, then the image magically appears. Then after a while, refresh the page it will disappear.

oh, I can see those images on your site…I am assuming you are talking about the background image? It may be a memory issue though (I can’t be positive here though.) That happens to me periodically, and if I quit the browser, then reopen, it usually stops… But, the graphic is Definitaly there.

But, the image:

that folder wp-images is empty, and the icon_wink.gif is really missing.

I’ve just found where things went wrong. I forgot to change my .htacess file, so it prevented hot (image) links to itself. What a mistake!

Thanks for your concerns.