Not set up correctly to run wordpress, but I did not install wordpress




I have the following problem:

My client is using dreamhost for the domain and hosting. Previously some wordpress was installed on this server. When I uploaded the site at the same time, I deleted all the files on the server. There were a lot . It took over an hour!

Anyway so everything was deleted and clean, when I uploaded my files.

The site is now live
But sometimes this error message appears and I don’t know why.

[quote]It doesn’t look like has been set up correctly to run wordpress.
If it should be, and the install was started more than an hour ago, you may want to try deleting and re-installing the app.
If you are a DreamHost Apps user, you can check the Discussion Forum or the wiki for further help.
Paid DreamHost customers can submit a support ticket through the DreamHost Panel.[/quote]

It would be great if someone could give me any tips on what to do.

I know that the dreamhost support is very minimal and I still haven’t gotten an answer to another issue, which I wrote to them about two weeks ago. So it would be great if someone here could help me!



Most likely, the DH installer is looking for the old version of WordPress that used to be at that domain, probably to run the most recent upgrade.
Go into the Dreamhost panel and remove WordPress from your list of apps under Goodies > One-clicks and you’ll stop getting those messages.


Thank you artgeek, that solved it!