Not renewing hosting but keeping domains

Hi all. Due to needing to tighten my financial belt, I won’t be renewing my DreamHost hosting. However, I do have several domains registered through DreamHost and would like to continue administering those through DreamHost and to use DreamHost’s nameservers. Most importantly, I need them to still work because I use them for e-mail (with an external provider).

I’m basically just checking that DreamHost will still let me access the panel and will still run the nameservers for my domains if I’m not renewing “My Happy Hosting”. If not, I’ll need to transfer the domains sharpish :slight_smile:

Information appreciated!

You can just remove hosting from your domains on the Manage Domains page in your panel, and set them to “DNS only”…

Or you can use the “cancel account/end all hosting” link on your Manage Account page (that might actually make your domains “DNS only” automatically)! One of the steps will give an option for you to continue managing your domains here. However if you end all hosting on your account and happen to miss the option and end up not being able to reach that part of the panel, you can just contact support and we’ll correct it! :slight_smile: