Not recieving some emails

Friends have informed me I’m not replying to some of their emails. I’ve checked junk folders both at dreamhost webmail, and on my desktop client. They are simply not coming in anywhere. Those sending are not receiving bounceback or undeliverable alerts.
Any ideas?

Do you have dreamhost spam filter enabled?

if so, then try disabling it and test.

Also if you haven’t already, you might ask support via a ticket if they know anything.

As far as I know, Unreceived/unbounced email is a new complaint, it’s at least not a common complaint, that said-- dreamhost email service is far from stellar. I’ve shifted elsewhere for email.

I disabled junk filtering entirely and had some friends send test emails. This verifies I am not receiving some email. Since unreceived email was not being diverted to overzelous filtering before anyway, that was not the problem. I’ll open a support ticket.