Not recieving email

i can send from ___ and recieve elsewhere.
i can send and recieve internally between coworkers.
i can recieve email from dreamhost.
my website is down.
i can not get email from customers.
WHAT"S the problem? how do i fix it, why does dreamhost not have a phone number and why do they give themself 24 to respond?!?! (<>…please help)

The forum is mostly a user-to-user forum. We can’t help you with domain outages (if that is your issue) but we can guess at other things you could do or try.

If you have not yet written to Support, then I suggest you do that now:

Based on your short summary, it would appear that either part of your Internet connection is affected (not Dreamhost-related), or that your HTTP is down (Dreamhost-related), and/or that your SMPT mail settings are wrong (are you using SMTP=“mail.[]”).

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If I understand correctly, you can send internally (within your DreamHost environement), and you can send to external, but not receive from external.

How many users have this issue? Is it working for ANYONE?

What email client are you using? (e.g., Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, etc.)