Not receiving some emails

For some reason some emails are not reaching me. I emailed a customer of mine the other day and he told me he has sent me several emails. I never received any of them, and they weren’t in my Spam folder (Thunderbird). I registered on a forum last night and never received my activation email. I requested a new email today and still never got it. People tell me all the time that they send me emails and I don’t receive them.
What could the problem be? I don’t have the DH spam filter turne don, only the Keyword filter, and i only have really specific keywords related to porn and other garbage.

You might try logging into the webmail system at and see if you can find it there.

You may also try contacting support - I’d recommend ensuring that you have a very specific message in mind (time, size, content, sender) for them.

Good luck!

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