Not receiving mail from subdomain

Hi, I have a main domain and a subdomain - both fully hosted by DreamHost and WordPress 3.9.1 installed on each.

(This issue isn’t about plug-in Contact Form 7, but found it trying to use it)

I was trying to set up Contact Form 7 on staging subdomain, but wasn’t receiving any of the e-mails. At a suggestion of another post on WordPress support site, I tried to see if I was getting e-mail at all from the domains by logging into the wp-admin of each domain (they are both fully hosted) and requesting a new password to see if anything was up with e-mail in general.

I received the password request e-mail from the main site, but not the subdomain site.

Not sure what’s going on and have no clue how to rectify.

I had installed the plugin WP SMPT Mail plug in on the subdomain in the process of trying to get email working and before I knew I wasn’t receiving any emails, but deactivated it in trying to debug. Main domain does not have the WP SMTP Mail plug in.

I have no idea how to fix the sub-domain so the e-mail works on it.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Just tried again and received the e-mail from sub-domain. Please delete post, no longer an issue