Not Receiving Emails from a form



Currently we are not receiving all form submissions from a site that uses Concrete5 as its CMS. Its not one or two - many aren’t being sent to the notify email address. We are trying to troubleshoot and figure out why but we still can’t find a pattern or reason.

In the logs it says its sending all the emails but all are not reaching us. This is a recent occurrence (since July 24th) and we have also tried other emails in the “notify emails” box.

Now the notify emails go to three addresses (two gmail addresses and one hosted on Dreamhost) and we all recieve the ones that go through and they are the same emails. The custom sender is but it is hosted with gmail through dreamhost (if that makes sense.)

The site is and the form is an estimate submission. We get 30-40 submissions a day but we only get a notification email for 10 or so.

Does anyone have any ideas?




Here is an update. So it seems that most of the emails that don’t get emailed or get dropped are gmail accounts.


What is your “from” address? it must be an email associated with your website. You can’t spoof the user that fills out the form as the from address, you can use that as the “reply-to” header however.


I have been having problems with the forms as well.

I have a thread going on the concrete5 boards:

I also just realized the “Notify me by email when people submit this form” option is not working correctly. It will only email the first address, then you will receive a Mail Delivery Subsystem error saying it cannot email to the second. For example:


only emails and you receive an error mail saying it cannot email

and when you enter…,

bar will receive the email, and foo will receive an error mail.