Not receiving email

Hey all

I have setup so that any email going to my dreamhost account is actually being piped to a script which creates a temporary file…etc

However, for some reason, certain emails don’t ever come in and I have no clue why. Any way for me to debug this further? Any verbosity or check?

Step 1 in my script is to

cat - > $mailfile

so that means I should always have the email, but I don’t…anyone know about any issues here?

what kind of server are you doing this on? shared? VPS? Dedicated? DreamCompute?

Using the dreamhost panel, have you ‘filtered’ an email address to forward to a shell account? What filter did you use? if you want 100% certainty all emails would get forwarded (and because I know the dreamhost filters can be flakey for wildcard usage) the best way I’ve found is to use negative logic for the filter, that is “Subject” “Does not contain” “kldjfkdjieoewjfdsklsjk;LDKIE4OWFJ” (i.e. a garbage string that would be very unlikely to occur).

the wiki page on this seems to have been been deleted, but you also need a .forward.postfix file for the shell user to pipe the incoming mail to a script, google for more info since dreamhost chose to delete the wiki page, its standard *nix stuff. Here is were the wiki page was: I didn’t find a replacement.

Lastly, you say you don’t get some emails? Is there a pattern? Like a certain domain?

THANKS! I forget I had a filter for this. that was it. I hadn’t touched this in a while, so this was helpful. Thank you for taking thte time to my question