Not receiving email - support nonresponsive

Email aliases for my domain are not forwarding to my account. This issue has been ongoing 4 or 5 days. Prior to that no problems for years. I have made no changes.

I test from various online webmail accounts, but I don’t receive emails.

My gmail account works. My sendMail scripts work. It is only the domain email aliases that are not forwarding.

Anyone else?

Same here - email problems ongoing for weeks (maybe months)…severely delayed. Odd errors. Not receiving emails. Sent emails not reaching destination… We have submitted several support tickets and NOTHING…the system status says all things OK (…this is NOT true. We have 6-7 email accounts/domains on DH…and we are a business!!! The past 2 days we have basically been shut down. For some reason we have ALWAYS had intermittent email issues with DH (for 7 years)…and we have about had enough…it may be time to switch hosts.Totally ridiculous they cant get the email thing down!

Just to be clear, I’m referring to Email Alias Forwarding.

Examples: forwards to forwards to forwards to

This has stopped working. Settings in panel look correct and have not been changed. This worked for years.

Need assistance from staff.

I’ve just been affected by this, as of likely Monday of this week, after years of working.

Support Ticket 8301281

The error message I get when trying to edit forwarders is:

This domain isn’t properly set up for DreamHost mail. Please contact support and ask us to fix your mail cluster!

The issue has now been fixed.

However, this took almost 5 days to fix.

For all that time, my business stopped.

No one could contact us. Those that tried were not aware that we did not receive their emails.

The damage caused from this has yet to be determined.

Obviously they do not do what they say.

Dreamhost is responsible to detect issues proactively BEFORE they cause damage.

This is BAD Dreamhost.

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