Not quite impressed

I finally signed up on shared hosting & purchased one domain as a trial run for DreamHost last night. So far it’s been 12 hrs & my account has not been approved. I can understand the need for security, etc… But gosh, this is frustrating, nobody has even bothered to call me to indicate any issues.

I cannot even find a contact number to call tech support. This is a head scratcher, almost makes me feel like dreamhost is a fly by night operator, lol. How is it even a thing. So yeah, not quite impressed by dreamhost so far.

Thank you for contacting us for help, I apologize for any frustration!

Our approvals team was off for the 3 day weekend, but are back in the office today! If you can supply a support ticket# (starts with a 7) or the domain name on the account I can get it escalated over to them right away.

Also, we do not offer a call-in number since we do not employ a call center nor so we outsource support, callbacks are made as part of our premium service

Matt C

Matt, here’s the ticket #7666249

I do realize that that phone support is premium, but I do not see it as an option when I go to the control panel, so am quite stumped. Maybe it’s cause I’m a new customer?

Anyways, I do have a question - is chat support always available? irrespective of any holidays?

Thx for helping out.

Thank for that ticket# I was able to get it over to the approvals team and they will update you shortly!

Once an account is made active all our support services will be available, we offer 24/7 email support - Live Chat is 7 days a week 6am til 10pm PDT - Social Support (twitter/facebook) is also 7 days a week 6am til 10pm / 8am til 4pm weekends PDT and callbacks are offered as a premium service.

Matt C

Thx Matt! Account seems approved now. I also see the option for callback now, so it was related to account not being fully setup. All good for now I guess.