Not on Google

My site shows up on Bing and Yahoo but not on google could my htaccess file be corrupt?
I cancled my Google Cache on my previous domain at Ipage and shows my site with Dreamhost Nameservers but I cannot get on Google unless I type in my full site name.

I believe what you are refering to is search engine optimization (SEO) and your sites place in them when googling your domain’s name. It would not be due to your .htaccess file being corrupted in most, if not all cases.
For search engine listings, it is best to work with the search engine provider to have your domain name appear as a search result, or to give it a better chance of being listed as the top result.
Google has Webmaster tools for assisting on their platform
Bing has webmaster tools as well

Google also has a starter guide docuement on SEO here

Hello, I think you should visit the forum of google. Your website may be deindexed. They will have some awnsers.

as i search for index of your site in google, it return About 293 results
That mean your site is on google search and indexed.
Dont know what do you mean not on google?
Not on google for your special keyword?