Not listed....?

howdy, so my site has been up and running for about a week now (thanks to those who helped out). I’ve added some content but when I search for it on google or yahoo nothing comes up (except the question I asked on this forum).

What gives? How/why am I not on a search engine. I’m not trying to be the first result, I just want to know that I’m in the system.

the blog is at
and the forum is at

Could it be that the “index.html” page is not the page that I developed and my content is located elsewhere (in the /word dir.)?

thanks for any ideas.

Google has the answers your looking for:

:cool: [color=#6600CC]Atropos[/color] |

Do you have any links to your site from other sites that are regularly crawled by the search engine spiders? This is the fastest way to get your sites content indexed.

Actually, a link in this forum is a good place to start (see the url tag in the forum FAQ for details on embedding a link here).


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